The Movement DAO Token (MDT) and Beyond.

2 min readJul 27, 2020

Project Update and Paths Forward.

Facilitate the Creation of Value for the Benefit of Humanity. -Movement DAO


The Movement DAO will be facilitating swaps of their Token (MVT), to the new Movement DAO Token (MDT). Please stay tuned for swap instructions.

Upgrading the Movement DAO’s Token will allow for further growth of the community and project. A quick limited overview is listed below.

  • DAO is upgrade-able.
  • DAO is governed by and for the Movement community.
  • DAO has a treasury that can hold and manage ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens.
  • DAO can interact with any external contract (Uniswap, NFT minting, etc.) that an EOA can.
  • Current MVT token holders can request to swap their MVT for the new Movement DAO token (MDT).
  • DAO tokens (MDT) are transferable, just like the old MVT token.
  • DAO tokens (MDT) now give MVT holders the right to participate in signaling votes, treasury management, and DAO upgrades/parameter changes.


Voting overview

The voting app is the heart of the Movement DAO. It will control all of the DAO’s functions including, but not limited to:

  • DAO parameter changes
  • DAO infrastructure upgrades
  • Whitelisting tokens for token requests
  • Approving new token requests

Initial voting parameters

  • 0% quorum
  • 60% voting approval
  • 7-day voting window

Building Solid Foundations: Community

The Movement DAO has multiple channels to connect and create. Reach out on any for more information. Everyone is welcome!



Movement Forum





The Movement DAO does not pay exchange ransoms. But, you can still participate with the wonders of decentralized exchanges. MVT Tokens will be needed to receive the new Movement DAO Token (MDT).

Uniswap Pairs


Mcafee Instant

Future Roadmap

The Social Change Engine (SCE) will be deploying a DeFi solution that uses the MDT Token. This solution will allow for the staking of MDT in an incentive-based ecosystem. The idea of the SCE is that once the engine starts, it will be impossible to shut down.

Also, The Movement DAO is a “Freedom Organization,” meaning anyone is welcome to create value or participate. Do you want to build your own MDT Dapps? Let’s talk!

Questions? Feel free to reach out in any of our communication channels.

I hope this finds you well.