The Movement DAO

Phase 1: Foundations — Complete!

It’s been a long journey. Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO has been active ever since bringing shape to the shapeless. Open to all, we believe that sovereignty is a fundamental human right and that that right should extend to the systems we use.

  1. MDT will be available by swapping MVT-MDT 1:1 using the DAO app.(see Swap Guide below)
  2. Trading on Uniswap.
  3. Available on Balancer.
Trust Wallet — Building Bridges

MVT-MDT Swap Guide 2020

Token Requests

MVT-MDT 1:1 Request
Confirmed Token Requests.

Liquidity Pools — Juicy Space

Balancer Pools


Uniswap Pools


Stay tuned to any of The Movement info channels for further news and updates!

Inquiries sent to



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