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3 min readAug 9, 2020


Foundations & Swap Guide 2020

Phase 1: Foundations — Complete!

It’s been a long journey. Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO has been active ever since bringing shape to the shapeless. Open to all, we believe that sovereignty is a fundamental human right and that that right should extend to the systems we use.

Our token MVT was launched on November 6, 2017, and has been trading ever since. During this time, members have shaped and molded the DAO. Built to support two things, Connection and Creation, our forum is available for all. We support the creation of value to benefit the connections of humanity. We are, in the end, one.

This first stage on development we’ve been referring to as Foundations consisted of a new Discord Server, a new interactive DAO deployment through Aragon, as well as an introduction to the new Movement DAO Token (MDT). MDT will be available three ways at first.

  1. MDT will be available by swapping MVT-MDT 1:1 using the DAO app.(see Swap Guide below)
  2. Trading on Uniswap.
  3. Available on Balancer.

We’ve also integrated both tokens MVT and MDT, onto Trust Wallet. Read about it here.

Trust Wallet — Building Bridges

All are welcome to participate. With the Foundations complete, The Movement is free to evolve. Contribute to the Docs.

MVT-MDT Swap Guide 2020

Token Requests

Here is an in-depth Swap Guide for people unfamiliar with Aragon.

Navigate to The Movement Interactive DAO Page, Connect with Web3 enabled wallet like MetaMask, Frame, Fortmatic, or Portis. Navigate to the Token Request app. and click New Request.

MVT-MDT 1:1 Request

Enter the Amount of MVT and the Amount of MDT you’d like to swap and follow the transaction wizard. Allow and Confirm transactions in your Web3 wallet. Viola!

Confirmed Token Requests.

Now just sit back and wait for the Token Request to be approved! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

*Please note. Due to high gas fees and slow transaction times, we’ll be mass approving in blocks. So if you request a token, just wait, and someone will get to it as soon as possible.

Token Approvals

Just like Token Request, Token Approvals are pretty straight forward. Members, Once you convert your MVT, please vote on token approvals to people can get their MDT in a timely fashion.

MDT Hodlers, navigate to The Movement Interactive DAO Page and select the Token Request app. Click the menu next to the pending transaction and click submit. Follow the transaction wizard.

Navigate to the Voting app and select the Token Request you’d like to Vote for. Vote and follow the transaction wizard. Confirm your transaction with your Web3 wallet like before. TaDa!

Liquidity Pools — Juicy Space

Balancer Pools


Uniswap Pools







Stay tuned to any of The Movement info channels for further news and updates!

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