The Movement DAO

A Decentralized Amoeba growing with the Ethereum Space

3 min readJul 31, 2020
Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO has been growing slow and steady while focusing on building foundations. All are welcome to add Value.

What is the Movement DAO?

The Movement is a fully decentralized organization for borderless collaboration. Driven by the vision of building bridges across borders and cultures, our most fundamental aim is to facilitate the creation of value for the benefit of humanity. Dedicated to bringing about new opportunities for all, the organization is collectively created and owned by all who participate in its ongoing development and governance. -Dropper

· Our Token, MVT, was minted November 2017

· Our forum,, was launched in May of 2018

· Sphere project site, was launch 2019

· Our site, was launched in 2020

· Community Discord launch in 2020

· Launch of the Movement DAO Token (MDT) second part of 2020

· Launch of Movement DAO Aragon site second part of 2020

· Launch of Social Change Engine DeFi solution site second part of 2020

Upcoming Token Swap

A Future of the Movement

Foundation Building

The upcoming MVT-MDT swap will be the next stage in the Movements foundation building. Moving to the Movement DAO Token will allow members to interact with the DAO deployed DAO contracts, allowing for governance and direction to be determined by the community.

This transition will be a 1:1 swap meaning total possible MDT tokens will be 3,000,000.

The new DAO site will give members access to voting capabilities and financial tools to allow for organic growth to continue.

Exciting times!

Movement DAO Spheres

Spheres are sub-communities within the Movement focused on specific areas of development. Anyone is free to start a Sphere and create. The free creation of value is a cornerstone of The Movement. Believing that the “human being” is a sovereign creature, the Movement Strives to empower the sovereign person to be a force unto themselves. Freedom to create. Bring your tool kit and allow it to shine!

Social Change Engine

Community Built Sphere

The Social Change Engine (SCE) is a public goods platform focused on building bridges between the Ethereum Metaverse and Everyday Life. Inspired by Bounties Network and the Gitcoin Platform, the SCE aims to create an ecosystem of DApps reward members by their use. Whether that be by rewards paid from staking MDT, or free trading, free bounties services, and free loan services, the idea of the SCE is to compliment the Movement DAO Token (MDT) and serve as the incentives structure of the Movement DAO.

The idea of the Social Change Engine (SCE) is simple. Once the “engine” starts, the protocol will enable it to proceed forward interrupted forever. The core SCE contract is first, followed by peripheral service contracts. If the SCE is an engine, MDT will be its fuel. The goal has always been to build tools that empower the individual while bringing value to the whole. We believe everything is connected and that barriers are put up by people in power. It’s time to destroy those barriers as they hinder all of humanity. More history of the evolution of the SCE can is at found at

MVT Trading



Mcafee Instant

All are welcome to participate in any way they see fit. Feel free to reach out through any of our communication channels.