Greenpoint Land Reserves

Introduction: A Nonprofit Sphere of The Movement DAO

We’re excited to see you!

Building the DAO Controlled Land Trust

Greenpoint Land Reserve (GLR) is a nonprofit Sphere of the Movement DAO. Acting in the best interests of DAO, GLR has assembled a team to start building the DAO Controlled Land Trust, a leverage-able tool that is owned and managed by the DAO.

The Movement DAO approved 300,000 MVT on Sept. 17, 2020.

Phase 1: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five seats. Individual DAO members hold the first four seats, but the fifth is the DAO itself. All board decisions will allow for a vote using the DAO’s deployed voting contracts available to MDT holders. GLRs website and the Movement’s Forum will host recorded meetings, financial statements, and voting perimeters for transparency.

General Layout

Land Management and Field Operations

GLRs plan for land management and field operations is two-fold. Acquiring land and sustainably monetizing that land. So, what does that mean? Let us start with land acquisitions. ETH generated from our token sale will fund the purchase of the different land assets initially in the United States. This land, transferred into the Greenpoint Land trust, names the DAO as benefactor and GLR as trustee.

We’re all going to make it.

Impact Investing: Introducing Proof of Acre

Proof of ACRE is a revolutionary new protocol that will pay dividends from funds generated by operations on land in the trust.

All rewards are payable in MVT.

Wu Wei Distribution and why MVT.

No ICO has been held, and no funds have been raised. To ensure a wide range of early participants, only one account per person was allowed to sign up for the initial free distribution on Bitcointalk — alt accounts and robots were effectively removed. After the final audit of thousands of applicants, 557 initial early adopters were accepted and are set in stone on the Genesis Participant List. In order to distribute MVT in a fair and beneficial manner, every participant’s contributions were rewarded proportionally. There are currently 852 address holding MVT.


Some of you may remember the original Greenpoint project. While that never came to fruition, we have continued in spirit. This piece of digital LAND the DAO owns is to be a portal to current GLR operations. Conceptually a lighthouse, this outpost will eventually have voting kiosks for the different aspects of the land trust. Visit Greenpoint-Decentraland.

Leave It Better

The Movement DAO has always considered ideas like sovereignty and equality of opportunity paramount to a free and independent society. We believe that by creating green public spaces, local forested areas, and co-op style farms, we can help support local economies and communities while also making a difference to the environment. This is the mission of Greenpoint Land Reserves. Leave it better than it was.

The Movement DAO

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