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3 min readApr 15, 2021

Tutorial: The ACRE Contract


First off, I would like to congratulate you for finding us and welcome you on this journey. If you have not already, please download a web3 wallet to interact with our contracts on the Ethereum mainnet. There are many available, but we find MetaMask to be the simplest to use.

The ACRE Contract is the base contract on a planned ecosystem built by Greenpoint Land Reserves (GLR) on behalf of the Movement DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This ecosystem acts as a bridge to the real world through the DAO Controlled Land Trust, a decentralized physical investment vehicle built by GLR. All are welcome to participate.

ACRE Contract


Deployed April 9th, 2021, the ACRE Contract brings about new opportunities for the DAO and impact investors alike. The DAO funded this contract with 300,000 MVT on deployment, which is up for grabs to those seeking to earn a calculated payout.

Buying ACRE

Web3 wallet required

ACRE is a deflationary asset designed to pay dividends from GLR operations in the real world. DAO lands support highly automated and streamlined processes on-chain and allow revenue streams to flow to ACRE holders via smart contract.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Enter the amount of ETH to Spend

Step 3. Click Buy $ACRE

Step 4. Approve Transaction via MetaMask

MVT Market

ETH generated from the sale of ACRE goes two places. GLR Operations and ETH Reserves of the MVT Market. This market has an automated price floor and will continue to buy at a calculated rate. All MVT purchased is paid to TOTEM holders. Floor Price represents the price the contract is buying for, and reserve is the amount ETH available to exchange for MVT.

Step 1. Approve MVT

Step 2. Enter the MVT amount

Step 3. Click Sell MVT

Step 4. Approve Transaction via MetaMask

TOTEM Converter

The TOTEM NFT requires two assets at the time of creation, any amount of ACRE weight, and one MDT. Both the ACRE and MDT are locked while generating this passive income generating NFT. Each TOTEM earns from the MVT Rewards Pool. Converting TOTEM back to ACRE burns a percentage of ACRE in the process. (MDT Uniswap Pairs)

Step 1. Approve MDT

Step 2. Enter the amount of ACRE to Solidify

Step 3. Click Create Totem

Step 4. Approve Transaction via MetaMask

Passive Earnings Payout

The ACRE contract pays returns to TOTEM holders in the form of MVT from the rewards pool. As it accumulates, pulling and selling it back to the contract may become advantageous for savvy traders.

ACRE rewards are paid in ETH generated from GLR Operations via the ACRE Contract. GLR Operation requires ETH generated from the ACRE Contract to start.

TOTEM Rewards

Step 1. Click Pull MVT

Step 2. Approve Transaction via MetaMask

ACRE Rewards

Step 1. Click Pull ETH

Step 2. Approve Transaction via MetaMask

Reach out with question and be on the lookout for updates.