Introduction: ACRE, TOTEM, & Beyond.

With great pleasure, we’d like to announce that Greenpoint Land Reserves (GLR), a nonprofit Sphere of the Movement DAO, has completed MIP:001–1.

Vote 68 set aside 300,000 MVT by the community for use in a rewards program in September 2020. GLR then got to work assembling a team and designing the ecosystem. Once the contract and foundations were complete, the DAO released the funds and deposited them into the ACRE Contract on April 9, 2021.

With funding and testing complete, we would like to offer proudly to the community the ACRE Smart Contract. This novel smart contract rewards users in…

Tutorial: The ACRE Contract


First off, I would like to congratulate you for finding us and welcome you on this journey. If you have not already, please download a web3 wallet to interact with our contracts on the Ethereum mainnet. There are many available, but we find MetaMask to be the simplest to use.

The ACRE Contract is the base contract on a planned ecosystem built by Greenpoint Land Reserves (GLR) on behalf of the Movement DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This ecosystem acts as a bridge to the real world through the DAO Controlled Land Trust, a decentralized physical…

Introduction: A Nonprofit Sphere of The Movement DAO

We’re excited to see you!

Building the DAO Controlled Land Trust

Greenpoint Land Reserve (GLR) is a nonprofit Sphere of the Movement DAO. Acting in the best interests of DAO, GLR has assembled a team to start building the DAO Controlled Land Trust, a leverage-able tool that is owned and managed by the DAO.

Our mission is to place thousands of acres of land worldwide into this land trust, effectively locking land up in the first of its kind land preservation and conservation system.

We have been working to create a bridge from the Ethereum meta-verse to the real world. Once we secured…

The Movement DAO: Swapping, MIPS, Staking, & Spheres

Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.

Token Swaps Success

Since the announcement of the token swap in August, the number of tokens swapped and minted is 628,646.21. We still encourage the community to participate in this swap to gain access to this governance token, and it’s upcoming staking benefits.

If you have not swapped and wish to do so, please visit the DAO site or check out the Swap Guide Here.

A Path Forward — MIPs

MIP stands for Movement Improvement Proposal. A MIP is a design document providing change information to the Movement community or describing a new focus area for the Movement. …

Foundations & Swap Guide 2020

Phase 1: Foundations — Complete!

It’s been a long journey. Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO has been active ever since bringing shape to the shapeless. Open to all, we believe that sovereignty is a fundamental human right and that that right should extend to the systems we use.

Our token MVT was launched on November 6, 2017, and has been trading ever since. During this time, members have shaped and molded the DAO. Built to support two things, Connection and Creation, our forum is available for all. We support the creation of value to benefit the connections of humanity…

Trust Wallet Integration — Building Bridges & Connecting Communities

Building Crypto Bridges to Better Humanity

The Movement DAO believes in the sovereignty of the individual. Trust Wallet integration is paramount as the crypto space evolves into the world of “adoption.

Both of our tokens, MVT and MDT, are available on Trust Wallet. Helping build a bridge into the real world. Available on both iPhone and Android.

Token Requests

Navigate to The Movement Interactive DAO Page, Connect with Web3 enabled wallet like MetaMask, Frame, Fortmatic, or Portis. Navigate to the Token Request app. and click New Request.

MVT-MDT 1:1 Request

A Decentralized Amoeba growing with the Ethereum Space

Founded in 2017, The Movement DAO has been growing slow and steady while focusing on building foundations. All are welcome to add Value.

What is the Movement DAO?

The Movement is a fully decentralized organization for borderless collaboration. Driven by the vision of building bridges across borders and cultures, our most fundamental aim is to facilitate the creation of value for the benefit of humanity. Dedicated to bringing about new opportunities for all, the organization is collectively created and owned by all who participate in its ongoing development and governance. -Dropper

Project Update and Paths Forward.

Facilitate the Creation of Value for the Benefit of Humanity. -Movement DAO


The Movement DAO will be facilitating swaps of their Token (MVT), to the new Movement DAO Token (MDT). Please stay tuned for swap instructions.

Upgrading the Movement DAO’s Token will allow for further growth of the community and project. A quick limited overview is listed below.

  • DAO is upgrade-able.
  • DAO is governed by and for the Movement community.
  • DAO has a treasury that can hold and manage ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens.
  • DAO can interact with any external contract (Uniswap, NFT minting, etc.) …


The Movement DAO

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